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Photo by Pete McBride @pedromcbride | Life in the Sand: The oryx, or gemsbok, is the national animal of Namibia—with about 373,000 in the country—where it glides across the arid, harsh dunes of the Namib desert. Known for its courage and grace, the oryx can manage high heat and wander miles on little food and water. For more desert creatures around the globe, follow @pedromcbride . #Namibia #wildlife #desert #petemcbride
If you were the Warriors would you rest Steph for the rest of the season 🤔
Part 2!
Talk about a spread😍 Used my #LimitedEdition @kalorik Air Fryer to make Air-fried Chicken Wings and French Fries this afternoon! Also added some 4-Cheese Mac and Honey Butter Biscuits because why not?!?😛 ... If you didn’t already know, I celebrated #90yearsofKalorik by designing this particular air fryer for a contest! And if I win, you can purchase your very own with my design printed on it🥰 The contest is coming to an end soon so be sure to vote for me!! Let me know if you’ve voted so I can personally thank you😊 Link in bio! #ad
Class of the Day: @chefaz 's Chicken Yakitori Rice Bowls 🍚 This easy soy-braised chicken with rice is a dish the whole family will love. Watch Andrew's class on the @FoodNetworkKitchen app today!
Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen | This is Loki, a Syrian brown bear that was rescued from a local zoo and is currently sheltered at the New Hope Center @almawa.jordan in Amman, Jordan. The center, established in 2010 by the Princess Alia Foundation, provides emergency medical treatment, rehabilitation, and rehoming for animals. For more photos and videos from different parts of the world, follow me @mmuheisen and @mmuheisenpublic #muhammedmuheisen #Jordan #rescue #bear
Color harmony, layering, texture, pattern mixing !! How many ways can @robertobonanomi make fashion happen!! Milano (of course)
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A light snack at one of my favorite restaurants in NYC: @wayan_nyc by chef @cedvongerichten - Lobster Noodles, Shrimp Satay, Octopus, Peekytoe Crab. Awesome! #foodiemagician #stilleating #iloveny #stillsingle .
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Photo by @nicholesobecki | Spent the day recently amid the mist and thunder of Victoria Falls while filming the first segment of “Extraordinary Earth: 20 in 2020” for @natgeo and @goodmorningamerica , during the countdown to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Like most photographers, I prefer being behind the camera, but it was a privilege to share this story on the impact of extreme weather on these majestic falls with ABC News* Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee, and talk about the changes that affect the falls—and the outsize role the United States and China have in that. Africa’s 54 nations are responsible for only four percent of the world’s carbon emissions. Follow @nicholesobecki to see the whole segment, and learn more about our world’s wonders—and how to save them. #zimbabwe #climate change #extraordinaryearth *National Geographic Partners and ABC News are both owned by The Walt Disney Company.
Lets just agree to not waste each other’s time today
LeBron’s throne is covered in @redvinescandy
Heard a rumor that Funfetti Mousse Cakes have more fun (sorry for the bad joke) 🌈 Credit: @laraseesfood #newforkcity
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Question for @iamcardib : Is this too much boba or do you like it like that? ⚫️⚫️⚫️ @itsbobatimehq can handle the love 🥰🤣 #itsbobatime #cardib #dailyfoodfeed 📸: @dailyfoodfeed ⚫️: @itsbobatimehq 📍: LOTS of CA locations 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
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Video by @joelsartore I This common bay owl photographed @penangbirdpark is usually classified alongside barn owls. It is completely nocturnal, and can be found throughout Southeast Asia. As is the case with most nocturnal species, this bird is often heard before it is seen, making a variety of calls, including whistles, hoots, wails, and screams. To see a still shot of this species, follow me @joelsartore . #owl #bigeyes #nocturnal #PhotoArk #savetogether
“These are my two girls! Ivy is the black one and Sierra is the baby puppy. Both are Husky mix rescues and love wrestling and playing chase together. You can find us hiking out on the trails or camping in our tent under the stars!” writes @bouncy.ivy #dogsofinstagram
Your face when you see this pizza. Drop an emoji… 😍🤔🤤☹️😠
I'm no stranger to "why me" situations while traveling. I'm a bit of a magnet for them. But as the years go by, and I grow up, I realized that my fast and loose attitude towards food and my stomach while traveling has not served me well. . I've picked up parasites in Mongolia, dysentery in Egypt, and dengue fever in Sri Lanka. And I've had good old fashioned diarrhea more times than I can count while on the road, though not recently! I cannot believe I’m admitting that here. But I KNOW I am not alone! Did you know that diarrhea is the most common travel-related illness? What a bummer, am I right? . Years ago, I decided to get serious with my digestive health while on the road and Travelan became an essential item that comes with me everywhere. Nothing ruins a trip quite like getting sick. Designed to target and neutralize bacteria before they can make you sick, @teamtravelan is an essential tool in my travel arsenal. It helps me to make sure my travel plans stick to a schedule. Reducing the risk of occasional intestinal upset and diarrhea due to travel stress is vital to me, especially when I'm traveling to places where it's common occurrence. . #travelan #travelwithtravelan #ad #passporthealth #digestivehealth #maldives #travel
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Does the Rockets owner have a point 🤔 (link in bio)
Meet Cherita, who’s in the middle of a grueling divorce with her husband but still manages to pick up the slack at their joint business — alongside him, every single day. Wait until you see what @ChefIrvine has in store for them on #RestaurantImpossible , Thursday @ 9|8c.
Let’s throw it back to some of our favorite @johnmulaney moments.
Just putting the puzzle pieces back together.
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